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Makeup look - Classic Glam


Well hello there,

Long time no see. I finally got some time to play around with makeup again. Here is the outcome.

Red Cherry Lashes #43
Lime Crime Velvetine Red Velvet


Makeup look - Shimmery Shake


I got the sudden urge to put a glam face on without having any plans. So I put on the glam and watched a movie and ate some candy. Good times!

Red Cherry lashes #415
Lime Crime Velvetine Faded


Makeup look - Violet Emerald


Lime Crime Velvetine Sasha
Red Cherry Lashes #415


Makeup look - Marshmallow


Todays spontaneous look is inspired by my new Lime Crime Velvetine Marshmallow. A perfect nude pink for me, I love it! I used Coastal Scents Metallic palette and Makeup Geek eyeshadows. The lashes are Red Cherry #217 and I used a liquid eyeliner from Inglot. And for course on the lips is the Velvetine from Lime Crime in Marshmallow.


Todays look - Velvet


Velvety black and brown smokey look for you this fine sunday.I am wearing Lime Crimes Velvetines in Faded(dark pink) in the first three pictures and Cashmere(grey/beige) in the others.


Makeup look - Autumn Leaves


Sort of autumn inspired look this november. Probably should've been more orange, but I think it looks great still.

photo / ingvild fiskerstrand

Makeup look - Purple Rain (Born Pretty Makeup)


It has been yet again a long time since I've posted anything here, I hope I still have some followers left. On another note, this blog post is dedicated to Born Pretty Makeup, which is a makeup store that sells all kinds of stuff. I was lucky enough to get two of their products.

Click on the links below to go to the products I got.


Eyelash glue

I also used Coastal Scents and Make Up Geek eyeshadows, and for the Kylie Jenner-like lips I used the MUS lipstick in Redwood and some redbrownish eyeshadow.

The eyelashes looked great on, but were a little stiff so it was hard to get them to stay in the right position, which you can probably see on my left eye. The eyelash glue worked great!


Here is a coupon code for YOU, 10% off anything in the store when you use the code IFH10

Beautiful Accessory


I am in love with my latest purchase. A Daniel Wellington Classic Sheffield Lady watch in Ros Gold and black leather.

photo / private

Frisk hud/Healthy skin by Rolah Lnning



A little while ago I got an email from Rolah Lnning where she explained a little bit about her book and she wanted me to have a copy before it was released, and I of course said yes. Not only because I love free stuff, but also because this was a book much needed in my case since my skin has definitely seen better days. I learned some stuff and got a few tips of good products to use for my skin. It is in norwegian so maybe not so perfect for the international readers. However, I think all of the norwegians should check it out. It's great for those struggling with acne, uneven skin tone, wrinkles or basically any other skin problem.

photo / private

Makeup look


I've sort of just casually stopped posting here. It's not that I'm done with makeup, but there is so little time and so little inspiration, however, I do actually have something in store for you soon enough. But first, a simple look.


Makeup look - Standard


This is my standard "go-to" makeup look. I pretty much always wear this out now. I think it suits my eyes and is not too much for me.


photo/instagram @ingfis

New Years Eve Makeup


I barely post and I'm sorry, but here you go, my New Years Eve makeup. I hope you like it. And Happy New Years even if it's a little late. :)

photo / private

Inglot Oslo


I was in Oslo a few weeks ago and I found out that Inglot had opened a new store down there, which suited me perfectly. I really wanted to make a custom palette with their fancy magnetic palettes. I found three beautiful colors, a stunning yellowish brown one a pretty plain gold one and a beautiful dark purple/burgundy color. I also bought a liquid liner which I think looks great and was easy to put on, however, it was smudging through out the evening and hard to take off because I got a lot of it IN my eyes which hurt. So I think you have to be careful when you're taking it off.

with flash

without flash in daylight

with flash

without flash in daylight

photo / private

Makeup look - Glamorous


A glittery glamorous look for you today. I hope you like it!

Coastal Scents Fall Festival palette
Makeup Mekka eyeliner
Red Cherry lashes #415
Isadora precision mascara

NYX blush desert rose

MUS lipstick redwood

Isadora Sugar Crush nailpolish Gold Crush

photo / private

Makeup look - Purrfect


The makeup I wore last night. I used the Makeupgeek eyeshadows and Red Cherry lashes #213 and of course my favorite lipstick Redwood from Make Up Store.

photo / private

Glossybox September 2013


I've decided to quit the glossybox subscription because I haven't been too excited about the products I've gotten. So this is my second and last glossybox.

Granny lipstick, haha did NOT like this one.

photo / private

Favorite Makeup Geek Eyeshadows


I was asked to do a "favorite makeup geek eyeshadows"-post, which I thought was a great idea since that's basically all the eyeshadows I use now a days! I made a post about the whole palette I got in january here.

My favorites contains mostly of neutral colors, like beige and brown. Some are shimmery some are matte. And the black from Makeup Geek is the blackest of black eyeshadow I've ever tried. It also contains a dark green color which I think suits my eyes. A love most of the colors on the palette, but these are my favorites. I also really like the gold one the one next to Shimma Shimma and the dark purple one underneath Homecoming and Bada Bing, and the burgundy next to Bada Bing and Corrupt.

I highly recommend the makeup geek eyeshadows, they are so pigmented and there are loads of beautiful colors to choose from! You can buy themhere.

Do you own any makeup geek eyeshadows, if you do then which is your favorite?

Here are some looks where I used some of these colors:

Wrecking Ball

Lemon Drop

Vanilla Bean



photo / private

Makeup look - Golden Simplicity


I felt like wearing makeup today, although it's sunday and I basically never wear makeup on sundays. I chose something simple with a hint of gold.

Makeup Geek eyeshadows
Este Lauder duo eyeliner
L'oral telescopic mascara

MUS blush kiss on the cheek

MUS lipstick redwood

photo / private

Makeup look - This Means War


A look that looks basically just like any other look I make these days. Probably because I feel well in these colors and this style.I used colors from CS metal mania and I don't even remember what else since I made this on saturday. But I have my new Redwood lipstick from Make Up Store on my lips, love it!

photo / private

Makeup look - Coal Mine


I wanted to do something a little different for everyday wear, and I came up with this. I think the look looks great in pictures, but in real life not so much so I took it off and applied regular mascara as always. I thought it looked a little to unfinished and scruffy.

I used the NYX jumbo eyepencil in black bean with some black and brown eyeshadow to hold it in place.

photo / private

Makeup look - Magical Disappearance


I found the pictures! There weren't too many good pictures ironically enough, but here is a few. It wouldn't have been the end of the world if they disappeared, but just the fact of them being gone without me deleting them was extremely annoying.

Products used
CS metal mania palette
CS fall festival palette
Viva La Diva black dipliner
Red Cherry lashes #415
Rimmel white eyeliner

MUS blush kiss on the cheek

Isadora lipgloss multi vitamin gloss almond

photo / private

This was supposed to be a regular "look-post"


But no, because my computer was able to delete all the pictures from iPhoto before I even touched them. Really really annoying since I always delete all the pictures right away from my camera. I'm not going to do that anymore that's for sure. I am doing a recovery now though, scanning through my computer to see if it can find lost files. It was a good look too, so it was freaking annoying that this happened, not the end of the world, but fuck computers and theirunreliability.

And btw it's also my blogs birthday, well september 23. It is now 4 years old, and I was celebrating with a makeup look, but no...

These are pictures I took with my phone though, but I'll see if I can get them back through this recovery scan.

Instagram @ingfis
photo / private

Makeup look - Wrecking Ball


I was out with my friends this weekend, and I REALLY wanted some dark makeup and use my new lipstick, so I came up with this. A dark brown/purple-ish makeup. I hope you like it! And I called it wrecking ball because that was the song I listened to while making this post, just thought you should know it had nothing to do with the makeup she wore or someting haha.

Products used
Makeup Geek eyeshadows
Coastal Scents neutral palette
Viva La Diva black dipliner
Red Cherry lashes #213
NYX black eyeliner
MAC zoom black mascara

Make Up Store blush kiss on the cheek
MAC bronzing poweder matte bronze

Make Up Store lipstick redwood

New from Kicks


Here's some new stuff I bought at kicks.no

Isadora Multi Vitamin Gloss 01 Almond
MAC Zoom Fast Black Lash mascara
Make Up Store Creme Lipstick Redwood

I am very pleased with the lipstick, it's just so subtle and nice!

With the Almond gloss and MAC mascara on

With the Redwood lipstick on and MAC mascara.

I also got some samples. The girl perfume and shimmering lotion, and the new YSL foundation. I haven't tried them out yet though.

photo / private

Lady Gaga Fame


I just bought the Lady Gaga Fame perfume, I couldn't resist. I love the way it's black, but clear when you put it on!

"Tears of Belladonna
crushed heart of tiger orchidea
white a black veil of incense
pulverized apricot
and the combinative essences
of saffron and honey drops"