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Good evening everybody!

I just remembered that I should do a collage of all the makeup I've done throughout 2012. I made one last year too. I realized that there is much less color in this one than from the one last year. I've just become so frightened or whatever to use a lot of color, especially when I'm doing something after I've put it out and showing it in public. So one of my makeup related new year resolutions is to do more crazy stuff with more color. Another thing I realized was that there were a lot less pictures in this one, it didn't really come as a shock since I know I've been doing much less makeup lately. However, I hope you like it!

Here is a link to the post last year with a collage. 

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04.01.2013 kl.21:07
utrolig mange fine looker! :D Likte utrolig godt de øverste med grønn og rosa! :) Du er kjempe flink! :D

Ingvild Fiskerstrand

05.01.2013 kl.00:28
Linda: Tusen takk Linda! :D


05.01.2013 kl.05:37
Hvilket kamera bruker du :)?

Ingvild Fiskerstrand

05.01.2013 kl.13:40
Malin: Canon EOS 50D :)

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