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Don't steal!


I don't really know how to write this, because I just realized this and it is extremely scary. I've never really experienced someone stealing my pictures, and making them something completely different. Someone took a picture of mine of me, just a regular picture I posted on instagram and on my tumblr, it didn't really get much likes/notes, so idk how someone got a hold of it and ruined it. I haven't really put much thought in people stealing my pictures and what they would do to them. I didn't think my pictures could be used in such a way, because what happened to this one was that someone made a meme out of it, and not a particularly funny one. The picture had about 1700 likes and 290 shares on FB, which is crazy! I feel like I wouldn't get the picture removed even if I reported it to facebook, which I did though of course. I told the guy that put the picture up to remove it and I reported it to facebook. But if that guy doesn't listen to me, it would probably take quite some time to get it away, because how many reports doesn't FB get each day.

Another thing that happened was all the comments in the comment section, some of them were really mean about my looks, like that had nothing to do with the meaning of the meme. And some of them actually hurt me a little, not a lot though because they based my looks out of one (not so pretty) picture of me, and had nothing to do with me. Because I KNOW I don't have downs syndrome, or have really big teeth, or that the statement on the picture is something I believe, because it is NOT.

I hope there aren't any more of these kinds of pictures of me around, I don't want people stealing them, to state that it is theirs, or to make a "funny" meme out of it, or ANYTHING really, just don't steal people, it's mean. Don't just take others pictures (especially if it's a picture of someone) and write song lyrics on them.

Sorry for a lot of text, here's a summary:
- Someone stole my picture and made a meme out of it
- Don't steal people, it's not nice!


10th Story Nails

10.03.2013 kl.18:46
I'm so sorry this happened to you! I understand how upset you must be, but you shouldn't take it personally. You are a beautiful, extremely talented chick. The internet can be a mean place, but it can also be pretty wonderful sometimes... so don't let it get you down. :)


11.03.2013 kl.16:19
10th Story Nails: It really sucks! I know I shouldn't take it personally, but they are using ME, and putting me in a bad light, they're using MY picture which I didn't not approve of, it really annoys me. :(
But thank you so much! <3 The internet usually sucks, but yes can be wonderful sometimes.


11.03.2013 kl.18:37
S kjipt, jeg hper du fr fjernet bildet. *klem*


11.03.2013 kl.22:15
Monica: Ja, det hper jeg og! <3


14.03.2013 kl.22:59
Jeg merker jeg blir lei meg p dine vegne. Hvis du vil, s kan du sende meg bildelinken s skal jeg hjelpe deg og rapportere?

Har ogs opplevd dette - og det er jvlig ekkelt


14.03.2013 kl.23:10
Jabberjays: Hm ja det var ikke noe gy. Takk, det kan du gjerne gjre, vet ikke om det vil hjelpe da fordi det er mange som har rapportert men de/vi har bare ftt avslag :(

Men her er linken: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=624642980886310&set=a.557947620889180.148391.557941707556438&type=1&theater¬if_t=like

Jass du har opplevd det selv? :( ja det er jvlig ekkelt, men ikke s mye jeg kan gjre det i grunn, annet enn klage.


15.03.2013 kl.17:40
Folk tenker ikke at personen p bildet faktisk finnes i virkeligheten... Jvler


15.03.2013 kl.21:20

I've reported this picture to Facebook, but I've got the answer, that they wouldn't remove it. :(

It really sucks and the person, who has upload this kind of picture is a disgusting idiot like the persons, which have wrote that it's funny.

You're a beautiful, talented girl and I love to read your blog! :)

Hopefully your request is successful and it will remove.

Best regards from Germany! <3


16.03.2013 kl.00:43
Cosonit: Hey! Thank you so much for the support honey that means a lot to me. And yes I know they won't remove it by people reporting it, so I sent some sort of complaint to them about the picture being my intellectual right, but I haven't gotten any response yet.
But thanks again for all the lovely compliments! <3


16.03.2013 kl.20:11
Har kommentert og rapportert bilde. Jeg hater menneskeer noen ganger.

Jeg fikk heldigvis bilde mitt vekk. Men det var jvlig freaky, og folk snakket skikkelig stygt om meg :/

~ Isabel


17.03.2013 kl.10:50
jabberjays: Tusen takk! Ja det gjr jeg ogs, at det gr an vre s lite omtenksom!
Det var jo bra da, men det suger nr de prater stygt, alts s ufattelig undvendig. :(

Martine Kristine Sminke & Skjnnhet

27.03.2013 kl.01:05
Syke folk!! Rapporterte bildet, fikk tilbake ; Takk for rapporten. Timmy Fucking Turner fjernet dette bildet fr vi fikk gjennomgtt rapporten din.

men, bildet er jo fortsatt der :o


27.03.2013 kl.19:56
Martine Kristine: Ja det er fryktlig irriterende! Og nei han har jo ikke fjernet bildet s skjnner ikke hva de snakker om. :(


18.05.2013 kl.01:53
Fant memen et annet sted, helt tilfeldig http://idonthavecookies-m-g.blogspot.no/2013/03/23313-scream-way-you-would-if-i-ravaged.html syntes du s kjent ut, s mtte dobbeltsjekke... og joda det er visst deg :(


30.05.2013 kl.16:23
Oda: Off tragisk. :(


08.07.2013 kl.02:50
You are so beautiful and talented, I can't believe someone would take thir time just to say something mean to you. I'm so sorry it happened. =/

I like your blog so much I come here even before you started posting in English. I didn't understand a word you wrote, but I would come just to see the makeup looks! I even tried to translate the text through Google translator, but it was a mess! lol

I hope this little story encourages you to continue your amazing work!

And as a suggestion, why don't you put a watermark on your pictures? I don't think it would have helped much with the meme situation, but if someone steals for another reason, maybe it will put an end to it.

I wish you the best of luck! =]


08.07.2013 kl.11:44
Luiza: Thank you so much for this, it totally made my day! It's so nice to hear someone actually caring! Thank you again so so much, it means a lot to me! :D

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