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Golden Rose Nail Polish


When you realize your favorite nail polish that is basically impossible to get a hold of anymore is getting emptier and emptier, a bit of my soul dies. Well maybe that was an exaggeration, but you know what I mean. My favorite nail polish is from a brand called Golden Rose and I bought it in Latvia. It is a beautiful barbie pink color. I am IN LOVE with pink nail polish, so this is just one in a bunch of other pinks, but it is definitely my fav.

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17.03.2013 kl.20:37
Kjempe fin farge! :D


23.03.2013 kl.10:17
h!! Den er nesten PRIKK lik "Oh cabana boy" fra Orly! (Transdesign.com)


23.03.2013 kl.10:23
Helene: N ja, den var jo ikke helt matt da. Denne er helt matt uten bl korn eller hva jeg skal si. Den er mer lik Orly beach cruiser vil jeg si :D

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