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Review - Mister Mascara Eyelash Curler


"What happens when you marry sleek Japanese design with beauty know-how? The Mister Mascara Lash Curler, of course.

The stylish Mister Mascara Lash Curler is unlike any curler you've seen - finished in sleek black with bright accents, even the 6 spare lash pads are finished in the distinctive Mister Mascara red. The high quality curler lifts and curls lashes without crimping, producing a perfect lash look without damage or the dreaded 'square lash'!"

That is what Mister Mascara had to say about their own eyelash curler that I am going to review for you. I don't know if this is a big brand or whatever, but I certainly hadn't heard about it before I bought this curler. I had to get a new eyelash curler fast because my old one broke and just made my eyelashes go downwards, so I bought this atbeautybay.comfor about 51.56 kr or $8.82. It was pretty cheap, which I love, because I don't see the need in buying something expensive JUST because it is expensive.

It is black and orange and looks a bit different in the colors in comparison with other eyelash curlers. It works just the way it's supposed to, it makes my eyelashes curled. The great thing about it is that my lashes actually stay curled for quite a while after curling them with this. I can only find a couple negative-ish things about it, and that is that it needs a clip to hold in to place, because otherwise it takes too much space. That is just a MINOR problem, so it doesn't really matter. However, it pinches a little bit on the eyelids, but I feel like that's a problem for all eyelash curlers. Beauty is pain, right?

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You can buy this eyelash curler at

beautybay.comfor51.56 kr / $8.82


5 / 6



22.03.2013 kl.20:59
Jeg kjpte min i Torrevieja ifjor. Min har blingbling p. Hahah, den kostet vel 5 euro og er kjempe fin. Men jeg har knekt den, s den gjr forferdelig vondt. Skal sjekke etter en ny en n. Tror nok jeg kjper denne, s utrolig fine farger!! :-)

~ Isabel


23.03.2013 kl.10:20
jabberjays: Ja den anbefales! :)


31.03.2013 kl.20:07
Jeg har den fra MAC, og liker den veldig godt :) Jeg har hrt mye bra om denne da :)

Nina <3 -Kommenterer alltid tilbake

02.01.2014 kl.21:22
Hei! jeg har et sprsml! nr du bestilte den, mtte du betale ekstra kostnader utenom frakt, som moms osv?


02.01.2014 kl.21:27
Nina: Hei! Nei fordi den er under 200 kr som er grensen. Men det kan hende beautybay skriver en lavere sum p pakken slik at du uansett slipper betale toll nr noe er over 200kr. Du kan kanskje teste frst med bestille noe under 200 ogs se om de skriver en enda lavere sum snn type $5. :D

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