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Makeup look - Perfectly Smokey


I made this look almost a week ago so I'm sorry if I can't really remember which exact products I've used, but it doesn't really matter, does it? However, here is the look. I was very pleased with it, the color suits my eyes. It is a boring look though, I have to agree, but when I'm going out I don't really feel like wearing loads of color and such, and I don't really do makeup if I'm not doing anything, so there you go. I definitely should do more makeup just for fun though, but it takes so much time. 

products used

Makeup geek eyeshadows
Panduro glitter
Red Cherry lashes #213
NYX black eyeliner
Viva La Vida black dipliner

NYX blush desert rose

MAC lipstick pretty please 

photo / private

I am at my cabin now so I don't have access to my makeup, but when I get back home I'm going to do more stuff on this blog, well probably not, but we'll see! And of course, HAPPY EASTER to all of you. I hope you eat loads of candy and have a wonderful time!


Julie Sævik

28.03.2013 kl.22:19


28.03.2013 kl.22:20
Julie Almestad Sævik: Tusen takk! :D


28.03.2013 kl.22:57


31.03.2013 kl.20:05
Kjempefint, og glitteret gjør looken mer spesiell :) God påske!


02.04.2013 kl.00:26
Girl, you're amazing. You're so pretty!!!! :o

Silje Karine

02.04.2013 kl.01:37
Dette var jo kjempefint :D Sett litt rundt på bloggen din og jeg liker den kjempe godt :) Satt meg som følger, gleder meg til å lese og se mer :)


02.04.2013 kl.19:37
Silje Karine: Herlig! Tusen hjertlig takk! :D


02.04.2013 kl.19:38
Ker: Oh thank you so so much! :D


02.04.2013 kl.19:38
Monica: Tusen takk og i like måte! :D

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