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Todays look - Neutral


The title pretty much sums this look up, so no need for explanation. I'm currently listening to the new Avenged Sevenfold album "Hail to the King" which hasn't come out yet, however, it is on iTunes and I am so excited! I still have a cold though, however, I am going to go to a caf with my friends today and eat som dinner and have a great time!

Have an awesome day, my lovlies!

In this look I used the usual Coastal Scents eyeshadows from the original palette and NYX eyeshadow base underneath. I used the Isadora glossy waterproof eyeliner to line my eyes and the telescopic mascara from l'oreal. For the cheeks I used Make Up Stores blush in kiss on the cheek.

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Lauriiee - Kommenterer alltid tilbake :)

12.09.2013 kl.18:18
utrolig fint!


12.09.2013 kl.23:43
Lauriiee: takk :D

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