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Package from Feelunique


Hi beauties,

I just got my package from Feelunique, and I was so excited for the Travalo perfume thingy. The first thing I did was to try it out, but wouldn't you think my FAVORITE perfume is the one type it doesn't work with, oh yes! So I had to search to find out if I should just throw the thing away or actually get some perfume in there. I found one place where she said you have to take something out of the cap to make it work, I did that and still wouldn't get anything out because there was something blocking the travalo to be able to push the stem down. However I fickled a lot with this to sort of get it to work, and grabbed a pair of tweezers and tried to remove the white ring around the stem, but that didn't work so I tried my best to push it down so it wouldn't stay in the way, it sort of worked, but not as it's supposed to.

I'm glad I got perfume in it, and that I was actually able to make it work. It wasn't easy, but I did it.

It's all pushed down here, the white ring haha, I had to get MAD to get it to work!

And another thing I bought too, just for fun was a scented candle. It smells really great! That is all I have to say about that one, haha!

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31.08.2013 kl.22:10
Den parfymen luktar kjempe gott. Smart med ljuset :)


01.09.2013 kl.00:31
Evelina: Ja, jeg elsker den parfyma! :D

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