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Frisk hud/Healthy skin by Rolah Lønning



A little while ago I got an email from Rolah Lønning where she explained a little bit about her book and she wanted me to have a copy before it was released, and I of course said yes. Not only because I love free stuff, but also because this was a book much needed in my case since my skin has definitely seen better days. I learned some stuff and got a few tips of good products to use for my skin. It is in norwegian so maybe not so perfect for the international readers. However, I think all of the norwegians should check it out. It's great for those struggling with acne, uneven skin tone, wrinkles or basically any other skin problem.

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Oda Helene Hjørnevik

05.05.2014 kl.18:59
Så utrolig fin blogg du har! Hadde satt stoor pris på om du hadde tatt en liten titt på min blogg også! :D


05.05.2014 kl.19:19
Oda Helene Hjørnevik: Takktakk :)


06.05.2014 kl.15:50
Wow, kanskje ej må!

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