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mars 2013

Makeup look - Perfectly Smokey


I made this look almost a week ago so I'm sorry if I can't really remember which exact products I've used, but it doesn't really matter, does it? However, here is the look. I was very pleased with it, the color suits my eyes. It is a boring look though, I have to agree, but when I'm going out I don't really feel like wearing loads of color and such, and I don't really do makeup if I'm not doing anything, so there you go. I definitely should do more makeup just for fun though, but it takes so much time.

products used

Makeup geek eyeshadows
Panduro glitter
Red Cherry lashes #213
NYX black eyeliner
Viva La Vida black dipliner

NYX blush desert rose

MAC lipstick pretty please

photo / private

I am at my cabin now so I don't have access to my makeup, but when I get back home I'm going to do more stuff on this blog, well probably not, but we'll see! And of course, HAPPY EASTER to all of you. I hope you eat loads of candy and have a wonderful time!

MUA - Makeup Academy Professional


I was contaced by this makeup company that I haven't heard of before, and they would like to collaborate with me. I checked out their makeup line on their site and it seemed good so I decided to say yes to this little collab. They are collaborating with 50 other bloggers too so I'm just one in a bunch, don't get me wrong I am truly grateful to be one of the fifty.

So I am supposed to put an offer here, however, I don't know if it'll work for international buyers because the offer is in norwegian and the link was to the norwegian site, but I'm going to translate it so you should try just in case!


// save 35% on all our products - even the shipping is down 35%
the offer stays until march 27th
code: MUA350

I am sorry to put this out there a little late, but you still have time to get some products with this offer! Hurry hurry!

Review - Mister Mascara Eyelash Curler


"What happens when you marry sleek Japanese design with beauty know-how? The Mister Mascara Lash Curler, of course.

The stylish Mister Mascara Lash Curler is unlike any curler you've seen - finished in sleek black with bright accents, even the 6 spare lash pads are finished in the distinctive Mister Mascara red. The high quality curler lifts and curls lashes without crimping, producing a perfect lash look without damage or the dreaded 'square lash'!"

That is what Mister Mascara had to say about their own eyelash curler that I am going to review for you. I don't know if this is a big brand or whatever, but I certainly hadn't heard about it before I bought this curler. I had to get a new eyelash curler fast because my old one broke and just made my eyelashes go downwards, so I bought this atbeautybay.comfor about 51.56 kr or $8.82. It was pretty cheap, which I love, because I don't see the need in buying something expensive JUST because it is expensive.

It is black and orange and looks a bit different in the colors in comparison with other eyelash curlers. It works just the way it's supposed to, it makes my eyelashes curled. The great thing about it is that my lashes actually stay curled for quite a while after curling them with this. I can only find a couple negative-ish things about it, and that is that it needs a clip to hold in to place, because otherwise it takes too much space. That is just a MINOR problem, so it doesn't really matter. However, it pinches a little bit on the eyelids, but I feel like that's a problem for all eyelash curlers. Beauty is pain, right?

photo / private

You can buy this eyelash curler at

beautybay.comfor51.56 kr / $8.82


5 / 6

Makeup look - Bada Bing


It has been a long time since I have been posting a makeup look, I am sorry about that, but I've just been a little afraid of putting pictures out there now because of the whole picture on facebook thingy. I know I can't really stop people from stealing or doing whatever they want with my pictures, but now at least I am starting to watermark my pictures, which I hope will help a little. I hope you like this look and give it a thumbs up on facebook if you'd like. Have a great sunday!

products used
UD primer potion
Makeup geek eyeshadow Bada Bing, Homecoming
Sleek The Original Palette (gold)
Viva La Diva black dipliner
Red Cherry Lashes #213
Lord & Berry mascara

NYX blush desert rose

photo / private

Golden Rose Nail Polish


When you realize your favorite nail polish that is basically impossible to get a hold of anymore is getting emptier and emptier, a bit of my soul dies. Well maybe that was an exaggeration, but you know what I mean. My favorite nail polish is from a brand called Golden Rose and I bought it in Latvia. It is a beautiful barbie pink color. I am IN LOVE with pink nail polish, so this is just one in a bunch of other pinks, but it is definitely my fav.

photo / private

Don't steal!


I don't really know how to write this, because I just realized this and it is extremely scary. I've never really experienced someone stealing my pictures, and making them something completely different. Someone took a picture of mine of me, just a regular picture I posted on instagram and on my tumblr, it didn't really get much likes/notes, so idk how someone got a hold of it and ruined it. I haven't really put much thought in people stealing my pictures and what they would do to them. I didn't think my pictures could be used in such a way, because what happened to this one was that someone made a meme out of it, and not a particularly funny one. The picture had about 1700 likes and 290 shares on FB, which is crazy! I feel like I wouldn't get the picture removed even if I reported it to facebook, which I did though of course. I told the guy that put the picture up to remove it and I reported it to facebook. But if that guy doesn't listen to me, it would probably take quite some time to get it away, because how many reports doesn't FB get each day.

Another thing that happened was all the comments in the comment section, some of them were really mean about my looks, like that had nothing to do with the meaning of the meme. And some of them actually hurt me a little, not a lot though because they based my looks out of one (not so pretty) picture of me, and had nothing to do with me. Because I KNOW I don't have downs syndrome, or have really big teeth, or that the statement on the picture is something I believe, because it is NOT.

I hope there aren't any more of these kinds of pictures of me around, I don't want people stealing them, to state that it is theirs, or to make a "funny" meme out of it, or ANYTHING really, just don't steal people, it's mean. Don't just take others pictures (especially if it's a picture of someone) and write song lyrics on them.

Sorry for a lot of text, here's a summary:
- Someone stole my picture and made a meme out of it
- Don't steal people, it's not nice!

Makeup look - All Out


I went ALL OUT today with the kardashian looking eyes and bright pink lips. I wouldn'tnormallywear this out, but it's so much fun playing with heavy makeup. I hope you like it!

Products used
Makeup Geek eyeshadows Corrupt, Bada Bing, Vanilla Bean
Red Cherry Lashes #415
NYX black eyeliner

MUS blush kiss on the cheek

NYX matte lipstick shocking pink

photo / private

instagram / @ingfis