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september 2014

Makeup look - Purple Rain (Born Pretty Makeup)


It has been yet again a long time since I've posted anything here, I hope I still have some followers left. On another note, this blog post is dedicated to Born Pretty Makeup, which is a makeup store that sells all kinds of stuff. I was lucky enough to get two of their products.

Click on the links below to go to the products I got.


Eyelash glue

I also used Coastal Scents and Make Up Geek eyeshadows, and for the Kylie Jenner-like lips I used the MUS lipstick in Redwood and some redbrownish eyeshadow.

The eyelashes looked great on, but were a little stiff so it was hard to get them to stay in the right position, which you can probably see on my left eye. The eyelash glue worked great!


Here is a coupon code for YOU, 10% off anything in the store when you use the code IFH10